2020 LUH vision

By Ellery Roberts

2020 LUH vision

Happy New Year One&All. 

You may notice the fresh coat of paint - Ebony and I have tired of the forbidding attire of reds and black, now opting for a lightness that mirrors our current temperament- finally understanding how completely energy begets energy, attitude begets attitude. We've let loose the days of Futile Angst, so lets keep this Playful and Light.

It feels a while since we last wrote &  if I am honest the final act of 2019 felt a truly transformative passage of time, or at least a complete and cathartic release of old structures, patterns and relationships to make way for the new. Change , transformations , endings and rebirths. 

I wanted to take this moment to reflect on it all and update you as to our planned change of course for the year ahead,  If you are you still with us I feel we are starting an exciting new chapter in this life of LUH. 

So, as you may recall we released our second LP. Love Hates What You Become around this time last year & though it remains a work we are proud of, It shall stand as a marker of a often difficult, shadow period of time (hence the title :). Despite some critical acclaim the record was met with a frustrating amount of indifference by the general public, after a slow roll out of singles  there was little to no momentum for the live band to build upon following the records release- with the whole campaign grinding somewhat to a halt after a few months!  Now I hear this is not an uncommon experience for artists on their second record, more so in these recent years of spotify-core over saturation- however we found our selves in a rut with few new cards left to play- begrudgingly accepting the year of carefree touring we had envisioned would not come to pass. 

All the while we had become increasingly involved with the actions of Extinction Rebellion, finally comprehending with deep mourning the dire state we are in as a planetary civilisation. In the context of an Uninhabitable Earth the self obsessed trials and tribulations of an artist seemed a privileged vanity as a burnt out black sun of depression began to rise back across our days of waking sleep. 

Now here I type “Our” but in truth it was mostly I, resident doomer Ellery Jucifer James, for Ebony took a much more levelled & pragmatic response to our situation, and if it was not for her tireless motivation I would likely have dwelt longer in some self- sabotaging malaise…

On many levels business as usual is no longer an option, and we found our first foundational response in committing to a deeper life of spiritual practice. For the time being letting loose the cacophony of culture, that infinite scroll of exterior extremity that is never ending and completely out of our hands. 

We entered a period of conscious reflection and inner work, assessing the impact of our own lives, the path we had taken, what we hoped to achieve, what gave us joy, a sense of purpose and meaning… & our conclusions were simplicity, connection, to live closer to nature, with spontaneity and presence. So often we unwittingly became the architects of pretentious complexity, when all we strived for was raw expression, and an uplifting motivation to over come life’s challenges. 

After a summer spent traveling in Europe, reconnecting with Old Friends and family, Ebony and I sobered up and decided to take matters into our own hands, the first step being to part ways with our record label, Mute, to pursue a new path of independence. Though we are grateful for all their efforts on the past two records, we had long felt a frustration with the standard operating procedure of the traditional label system, feeling it stagnated creative flow into an unromantically routine cycle of product exploitation. Inevitable one might say, but by our measure it is entirely out of touch with the multi- disciplinary creative renaissance enabled by the Internet Age.  

We felt a fresh start was needed and a fundamental change in approach, to take the power and autonomy back into our own hands, making decisions that serve a higher purpose than false value systems of quantified engagement. We discovered Kevin Kelly’s assessment of 1000 true fans- which in its way encapsulated our central ambitions with LUH, to build a committed and collaborative community, whom help sustain our creativity, liberated from the tedium of commerce. 

Though we are still exploring the best platforms to build this on (any suggestions?) We have continued to collaborate with Vevue- a Decentralised Video platform built on the blockchain, and later this month we will launch a web series of Poetic Video Experiments that explore and develop the worldview of Lost Under Heaven, Sharing with you our journey of exploration , which is not only for our own evolution but to be of service to others- to seed what we’ve learned and discovered. 

2019 prepared us for what’s to come in 2020. It was all about rising above the darkness, putting everything up for question, We've had to peel back the layers of our ideas , thoughts & uncover new insights.
So We start the year with new songs to sing feeling more creative than ever more closely embodying our true essence. 

We want to say Thank You to everyone who has been on this journey with us so far.  The support you all show is what keeps the motivation flowing. 

We’re excited for 2020 , our independence and standing in our truth. It feels like a transformational moment on a personal & global level.

Let the old go and surrender to the new that is coming in.

Speak Soon, under a full moon