Find The Others!

By Bunny Blue

Good people, How you Keeping?

I would like to open this with sincere gratitude to all who replied to my last letter, a Melancholy for Hope. It sure gave heartening reassurance to feel the solidarity of those that in their way experience this moment as I do.
First in Writing & then in Responding, I found most of that Despondent Grey Matter lifted; to occasionally dwell in a Doomer ditch seemingly is a necessary process to re-affirm your purpose.


We live in interesting, nay transformative times; & it would be unjustifiably cowardly to bow out, indeed everything is at stake!
Reading of the empowerment others have found in our songs certainly stokes the flames inside of me, inspires the motivation to keep on working at it; despite the slow stagnation of set-backs there is still much dormant potential that our work aspires to awaken. Ebony and I have always understood that we are playing the long game; We wrote in the first manifesto LUH is a life work in constant state of Flux. Foreshadowed our future path.
The essential reminder this moment brought is that in This Life You Truly Are Never Alone . That there are many out there who feel as I do: Alienated from the Masses, with out a pre-determined clique to identify with: outsiders and non-joiners whom walk the loner wolf path- but none the less feel a love and compassion for the Humane collective. You see glimpses of beauty, potential to be actualised- and an understanding that we are all individual expressions of the whole.
I have recently finished reading Doug Rushkoff’s Team Human, I certainly recommend the book and the podcast series; I found countless powerful and timely insights within both. It’s Final chapter, riffing off Timothy Leary, Asserts We Must Find the Others…
Since the heady times of the LYF I have felt this motivation to find my tribe, a community with whom I felt I could openly communicate. The LYF was flawed in a few ways, namely that it had no real purpose to work towards and thus quickly became a band fan club. Though I had silent ®evolutionary intent to what I wanted it to become I had neither an understanding that I could articulate, let alone the confidence to go about declaring it. I kept to cryptic statements screamed expressionistically into the void. That it and I were flawed was a great source of frustration to me.
Consequently I have spent a lions share of time and energy over these Lost Years developing some clarity of thought and purpose. With Ebony as Mentor and Muse I have worked to solidify my disparate auto-dictat exile into a Holistic World View.
Given the Current Cultural Climate I feel  there is certainly no better time than now to start to share openly- there’s only so far you can grow in the safety of a esoteric bubble, inevitably my conclusions are knotted in the subjective trappings of the individualised rabbit-hole-feed-back-loop of the modern seeker.
I am certainly curious to see what others resonate with and what is disagreeable…
- When I set up this Facebook group last year, it was a half-hearted attempt to get a dialogue going, but inevitably with a lack of input on my part it just exists in limbo. I excuse myself with a vocal resentment of Facebook and what it has done to culture- I feel like every second I spend on the platform is a Loss for Team Human and a gain for the oppressive Team Machine Homogenizer, the Exploiter of Souls.
Some day soon we will delete it, yet whilst We still having a foot in the music industry game it is up held as a necessary tool for connection -a redundant fallacy perhaps, but for now it remains.
So as an experiment I am offering an invitation to join a LUHslack group (I was introduced to this platform by XRMCR, though it has its issues it seems pretty good, for free, for now, if anyone has any better suggestions do share!)
I realise this is not going to be for every one, I know many of those who have been following us are here for & because of the music. And for those we will continue to sing
However I write all of this now as an open handed invitation to those who’d like to go in deeper. Along side the joy of being a simple troubadour I have always had a desire to engage with, to learn alongside and empower other seekers on the path of lived experience.
Perhaps right now there is only a handful of people, but this is a start, With time and perseverance it will grow...
Ebony and I plan to use the group for sharing the research and ideas that we find inspiring or insightful around the themes that LUH is rooted: Accelerationist Hypo Futurism/ Techniques of Self-Liberation/ Shadow-Play/ Ascensionist aspirations for Human Potential & the Transformation of Society…
My real dream is to have this group blossom into a thriving place for community discussion that enables us to engage directly with those who care for the wider context.
So the offer is there; join if you feel, if it is of interest to you; who knows maybe we will crowd-source some thing of value to all. We have begun preparations for the 3rd LUH work: Love Unites Humanity, it is to be a self-produced collaborative record with all the friends & family we been growing with all these years.

I will write y'all again on the new moon, we have an unreleased song to share with you. until then.