Love Hates What You Become.

By Bunny Blue

It feels a long time since the dry summer heat of 2017 when we made this record in Los Angeles. Many things have changed, we have changed. The experiences of the past 18 months kept us learning, expanding. I listen back over it now with pride& some apprehension, we achieved what we set out to create, a raw document of our amateur prowess (mi amor, we work for the love of it) there are rough edges, flaws and broken voices thrashing away at transcendence. It is one of luhvah's desires to kick back against the over produced soul-less perfection so prevalent, raw soul power gives hope for humanity... LHWYB asks many questions, why do we live as we do, how did we get here, and where are we going? written from the perspective of 2 outsiders, watching the mad and manipulated masses sleep walk into oblivion… 
ok before I dive off the deep end, I want to give some thanks: to John Congleton; his challenging temperament & dark humour that kept us on an edge throughout the production, the pure positivity of Thor Harris; his idiosyncratic approach to rhythm& life. Oliver Cooper a seeker behind the synths; may your path be joyful& abundant. The old war god, Mr Warren Bramley for all the years of nurture and inspiration, All the Mutants at our Record Label, Family, Real friends & finally Miss Ebony Hoorn, my co-conspirator in LUH, muse and mentor, I know its been a testing year, but we grow stronger together with every obstacle overcome w/ laughter & light... someday come we gonna find the solace of that ethereal mountain refuge, the stone house by a lake with harp a howling. we built a strong foundation to grow, limitless potential.
Thank you to all who have supported us along this journey thus far, I look forward to meeting face to face as we tour this year.
love y’all forever