Love Unites Humanity, a Manifesto

By Ellery Roberts

Love Unites Humanity, a Manifesto

This World trembles in liminal space, as confided in the chaos we let all that no longer serves us fall away.

The path of life has taken us to an unprecedented place.

All our work, all our experiences have culminated into this Moment, Unconsciously preparing us to step into the full blossoming of our potential.

Some some say it way past the 11th minute of the 11th hour, that All is too late- Our Outlook is predicated on the strong likelihood of near term Collapse.

Yet still we still are here. Still we are breathing and undoubtedly where theres is a will we will find a way. (The human imagination remains an unlimited resource.)

A perilous path has been set before us yet in Grief we find our Hearts opening, a new found courage comes from Love &there is this silent knowing in OUR Hearts that alls going to be OK.

We have nothing to loose but our mind made manacles those societally imposed limitations of human potential Humanity itself is at a crucial transition point of crisis the first initiation into a deeper understanding of our place & purpose in the evolution of the cosmos.

All in the present must be transformed. It is clear we need new thought, new approaches the forms of the future have not yet been implemented.

The Corrupt and Antiquated systems of old simply can not serve the unfolding inevitability of humanity’s metamorphosis.

If all said is true, what do we do?

Do we allow our selves to be Divided by the interests of the powerful into ever more isolated Bubbles of fear. Distracted to the Destruction of all Beauty that life can hold?

Or can we look beyond the temporal forms of this experience to our Underlying Unity.

I&I see neither you nor me, We are all Lost Under Heaven.

We work on our selves So we may Serve Others

Allowing the Universe to Expand thru our Actions

Guided by the Highest Technology of Love.

Let’s reconcile the divide and co-create this new Reality.

Love Unites Humanity 2020.


To create a work called ‘Love Unites Humanity’ may strike you as naïve, entirely out of touch with this divisively polarised world we are presented with every day. & Yet this is exactly why we gave the series this title- as an act of courageous provocation, to create a counterpoint for those looking for a humane response to this escalating crisis.

As this new decade begins, we passionately feel it can no longer be about who’s right or who’s wrong- only how do we put this all together and steer humanity away from the looming cliff edge of Catastrophe, towards the more beautiful world we know in our hearts is possible.

 LUH. maintains UNITY is the fundamental reality, beyond these Human Game’s of Separation -and that LOVE is the motivating force of the Cosmos, that which animates all of life across this interdependent web of light.