Teen Violence

By Ellery Roberts

Teen Violence

Today we share Teen Violence an-unreleased Stomper,originally from the LHWYB album sessions.

 It was left off the album for a few reasons,  simply that an extra 4 minutes would bump us off one piece of wax and a double vinyl seemed a little excessive for this visceral work. But crucially we were not happy with how the song had been produced, the version we left the LA sessions with fell short of the envisioned impact

taking it off the album provide an opportunity t take it back into the studio to re-work it into the juggernaut you can hear today. I recommend to listen to it LOUD, preferably on headphones whilst stomping thru dirt ridden streets.

Lyrically Teen Violence depicts an allegorical tragedy; We are introduced to an Androgynous Prophet of the Divine Feminine, whom is subsequently brutally silenced by an aggressively ignorant patriarchal society, caught in the paralysis of Cultural Immaturity. 

I feel it is a song of our time, this formative moment in human history, where we are faced with a plethora of crises that threaten not only the collapse of our civilisation but the extinction of the species.

We see an increasingly polarised descent into bubbles of egoic self-confirmation, projecting our internal darkness on what ever scape goat is culturally most convenient.  To me this is a tragedy, and one that motivates much of our current work with LUH.

It seems timely that Trump should be receiving a red carpet welcome onto the fumbling British soil as I type this. That Boris Johnson is tipped to be the next Prime Minister, both use a comedic belligerence to smoke screen their malicious intent; ravening the planet in return of (momentary, they will die out eventually) aggrandised riches for a few. They are disconnected from nature, their true nature and crucially the Divine Feminine energies that motivates all of creation. 

There is an eternally optimystic part of me that envisions a bright tomorrow, where Trump and all the other Big Mac Fascists  that somehow charm the docile masses today are tried and convicted for Crimes Against Humanity in some New World High Court. Sentenced to Eternal Service of the vulnerable minorities that there inhumane actions attack and exploit. They shall wash their feet with tears of remorse.

Looking at the current state of affairs it may look like it’s hopeless , none of the current power structures have a tangible vision of a future beyond a tyrannical management of crisis and fear.

We have to take it in our own hands and take the power back. Imagine! Believe! we can build autonomous , self sustaining communities of decentralised power that nurtures each citizen into self realisation. 

So to the few that are listening , let’s build towards this vision together , Towards the one.

Everything under the heavens is in chaos.
The situation is perfect.