Forming on December 21st 2012, Lost Under Heaven is the creative collaboration between Ebony Hoorn and Ellery James Roberts. Bringing together Hoorn's visual art background and Roberts' past as the front man of Post-Rocker’s WU LYF, Lost Under Heaven is an ever evolving Audio / Visual project that aims to challenge and investigate the human experience in the 21st Century whilst providing solace and optimystic sense of hope for those unsure of what's to come.

After Signing with Mute Records, the Duo Released their debut 'Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing' in May of 2016, with an already dedicated and fervent following, this was the first opportunity to delve into Lost Under Heaven's ethos en masse. From '$ORO’’s Hard-Style critique of Predatory Capitalism and the call to arms of 'Lament', to the inspiring uplift of  'I&I', 'Spiritual Songs For Lovers To Sing' was met with critical acclaim and showed a glimpse at the scope of what Hoorn and Roberts were trying to achieve.

Their follow-up 'Love Hates What You Become' came in January of 2019 and continued their life-affirming ideology. Having toured the world, 'Love Hates What You Become' showed artistic growth and greater perspective on the vision of LUH; with cuts like 'Black Sun Rising', 'Post Millennial Tension' and 'For The Wild' not shying away from the harsh realities of life. This era also brought forward some of the pairs most visually striking work, with the virtual reality music video of 'Come' as the centrepiece during this period.   


Now in 2020, Hoorn and Roberts are looking to move away from the predictability of the traditional album release cycle to execute their most ambitious and forward-thinking work to date. Founding LUH.International as an independent studio for Conscious Media, Lost Under Heaven are working with blockchain social media platform Vevue to release a web-series 'Love Unites Humanity' throughout the year. Taking what they learnt artistically and spiritually since their formation, 'Love Unites Humanity' is a transitional period of experimentation that Comprises of 12 Episodes. These episodes will explore the individual, the planet, world systems and hope through a spiralling process of video making, animation, spoken word and soundtracking ; with the intention to engage and open up conversation with their fan base and the wider audience about the state of the world.


At a time where countries burn and every news story seems to get bleaker by the day, Lost Under Heaven want 'Love Unites Humanity' to serve as a realistic counterpoint for those looking for a humane response. With the mantra of short-term pessimism and long-term optimism running throughout, Lost Under Heaven strive to produce reflective and responsive art that engages intimately with the Radical Present, bringing people together and to inspire those working to bring about real change.