Love Unites Humanity is an Original Web-Series Produced, Directed, Scripted & Soundtracked by Lost Under Heaven. Season 1 comprises of 12 episodes exploring the Path and Life of the Individual, the Planet, World Systems, and Hope, feeding into Lost Under Heaven's long-standing desire to create reflective and responsive art that engages intimately with the Radical Present.


Love Unites Humanity, a Manifesto

To create a work called ‘Love Unites Humanity’ may strike you as naïve, entirely out of touch with this divisively polarised world we are presented with every day. & Yet this is exactly why we gave the series this title- as an act of courageous provocation, to create a counterpoint for those looking for a humane response to this escalating crisis.

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2020 LUH vision

Happy New Year One&All.  You may notice the fresh coat of paint - Ebony and I have tired of the forbidding attire of reds and black, now opting for a lightness that mirrors our current temperament- finally understanding how completely energy begets energy,...

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Black Sun Rising

prophecy can not see the shape of the lilacs. I want you to look to the window. I remember when I looked out  to a sky , blue a city view  now vague outlines of buildings  smudged like a drawing...

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