Teen Violence

Today we share Teen Violence an-unreleased Stomper,originally from the LHWYB album sessions.

It was left off the album for a few reasons,  simply that an extra 4 minutes would bump us off one piece of wax and a double vinyl seemed a little excessive for this visceral work. But crucially we were not happy with how the song had been produced, the version we left the LA sessions with fell short of the envisioned impact...

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Find The Others!

Good people, How you Keeping?

I would like to open this with sincere gratitude to all who replied to my last letter, a Melancholy for Hope. It sure gave heartening reassurance to feel the solidarity of those that in their way experience this moment as I do...


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A Melancholy For Hope

Lovers & Friends,

I try to write with Honesty- it is difficult. Some darkness has set over me these weeks past, almost everyday I have woke feeling Blues verging to bleak void of Grey. Trying to apply myself to anything productive just to distract a silent sense of hopelessness that Haunt's my interior chatter...

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